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Real Estate IDX

Real Estate IDX

IDX Solutions for Realtors and Real Estate Agents

How does IDX work?

The Real Estate IDX (Internet Data Excchange) system allows brokers (and agents) to show each other’s listings on their respective websites. The IDX Solution combines this policy with the necessary technology to make it all happen. IDX gives Realtors the power to display their own listings as well as any other listing within their MLS, creating a mutually beneficial system. Pioneering Realtors of the past couldn’t have imagined how all of this would turn out when they agreed to help one another out.

Generating Leads with IDX

The majority of your website visitors want to find a home. Offering an MLS search on your website should only serve one purpose: converting visitors into leads. Real Estate IDX helps you do just that. The Realtor Online Solutions are completely customizable and can seamlessly integrate into your existing website. Visitors are encouraged to save their searches so they can receive email updates or come back to them later.later. Those viewing a listing have the option to save it, email it to a friend, and more.

Mobile IDX

A majority of your site’s searches are conducted on mobile devices. It makes sense to have an MLS search tool available for mobile devices. The Real Estate IDX solutions we offer do not require apps to be downloaded and updated. With your realtor website, our solutions can be easily integrated into it. Convert Your Facebook Page into a Lead Capture Tool! With Property Search & Lead Capture tabs on your Facebook page, your visitors will be able to view your listings, search the MLS, and contact you directly from Facebook. All of your listings are automatically added to your Featured Listings tab, and each property detail page contains valuable information.

You will be set up for success with the most powerful IDX Real Estate Solution on the market integrated into your realtor website.


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